sub-level, sub-human
sub-conscious, sub-atomic
and sublime
surviving the sacramental assault
on senses held in the
safe deposit box of the mind
it’s all sacrilege and only in
seclusion can one find peace from
the salesmen of corrupt salvation

everything all at once
touch and go
surveillance, and lists
too much media and
attention to useless details
sex and celebrity death
with distractions from
media prostitutes and government pimps
telling you which lives matter
and what days to never forget
but there’s a false flag on every corner
because war is the health of the state
and the state is the death of man

all hail heaven’s hackers
traveling along the silk road
with bit coins, 3-d printers
and private drones
hybrid hard drives
operating in the habitat of hades
half cocked and waiting
to compose haikus in hotel rooms

run swift from the riot
and just for a moment
turn off the television
turn down the radio
turn the soil and
tap the tabla
tune in to the
frequency of a titanium heart
with courage, love
pray for the children
victims of mindless propaganda
be anonymous, occupy, infiltrate
program words with images
and open the floodgate
auto-tune and mix the pitch
leak the lies, and
preach prevailing truth
in the lions den





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