12,877 nights

a long breath
sigh of frustration
or was it relief?
looking back, the value and price
of friendship is immutable
walking at night with saccadic eyes
the sky was split in two,
dotted with distant points of light
and clouds, like mad brush strokes
stretched across an eternal canvas
cool, quiet, collecting
the square’s world
asleep at this dim hour
it’s a time for wheelers, dealers
and head trips
clans of enemies and lovers
prowl park benches and convenience stores
waiting for action or signs of life
this is the time when
the shit gets real so,
just gimme
one beer, one chapter, one song
then with eyes closed
pray for piece of mind, respite
strip me of anxiety
and wait for
a soothing sun, signal
for a feline alarm clock
the repetition of 5 am
with an unlit cigarette
debating sleep or stimulation
we always wake up alone, don’t we
mismatched and inflamed
after rolling in twisted sheets
under the sound of a broken fan
no memories or dreams
to speak of this morning
drained of ideas, empty
no time for food or shower
but i’m still here
sitting at this stained keyboard
waiting for something
to happen, but
the night always knows
and i think
it’s getting better





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