i individual

life in the 21st century
so much talking, opinions
it’s all just
meatballs, cheese, and beer farts
stumble amongst the crowds
laughing and spilling your drink
eat fast food or no food
save the bees, and ban GMO
exercise, meditate, and fight cancer
listen to metal, punk, or classical
resist censorship or promote it
ban guns or carry guns, smoke pot,
marry gays and fly the confederate flag
use worthless paper, precious metals, or crypto-currency
black market or white, choice and responsibility
live inside the system or outside the law
amazon, ebay, and the silk road
talk about grey matter, black holes, climate change,
god and nazis, solar powered drones
native americans raped and plundered
black power, white power, no power
racism as a tool of distraction
spread the fear or laugh at it
atheists, christians, muslims, and jews
pagans without end, and a man undecided
love this, hate that, grow your hair or shave your head
be a square, or be a freak
support the troops, and end the war,
burn books, the american flag,
and magazines with royal welfare queens on the cover
wear a mask, hold a sign, say yes, or scream no,
occupy or stay at home
love your slavery, fight it, or stand to the side
cry oppression, film a cop, tweet away
broadcast a pirate signal, start a youtube channel
steal public wifi, and liberate the internet
hack, crack, and whack all the politicians
boycott wal mart, and raise the minimum wage
look at the television, tune into am radio
be a zombie, take the red pill or the blue pill
be a lover, a fighter, an activist or a poet
socialist, terrorist, statist, or anarchist
love whatever flavor of ism floats your boat
just don’t hurt me, or take my stuff
don’t rope me into your collective
take a walk, relax and
leave me the fuck alone
i, one from many
the beginning and the end





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