alliteration in C minor

poets and thieves
teachers, preachers
sailors and leechers
rolled cigarettes and weak coffee
incomplete introductions
dreamers with violent eyes hide
sleeping under the throes of
a tenacious storm
constantly misinformed
drift, drab
two days to run, two days to rest
treasures hidden, in a coconut chest
sex on zombie pirate island
living in anarchy
and left, abandoned
give me the rock and the sword
guns don’t do well ‚Ķanymore
because the pawns are moving
slowly across the board
words words words, black lungs and bugs
my skin is crawling, anti-drugs
and this burnt tongue, slung
doesn’t tell tales well anymore

anxiety is a whole new monster
paperwork and anticipation of an early day
close your eyes for a moment
trailing an unseen opponent
held in silence and blown away
stop! deficits, disorders
keep going trailing mystic borders
there’s no time left
write sober and edit drunk
laughing at a laborious theft

i miss two familiar embraces
daily bread and distant places
all else is filler
it just doesn’t work
time is such a slow killer
broken souls seeking broken souls
sins too deep and stirred by an alarm clock
fuck this addiction, tick-tock
i need help, honesty
a moment of clarity, security
conclusion, dispelling that grand illusion
blocked,knocked, shocked, and mocked
god damn this noise
somehow this all ties together
it will take days
to finish this story
and there is no end
just a moment of glory





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