early light that first breath
of morning seeps in
with cats demanding their due
memories of the night still linger
begging me to come back, but
looking in the mirror
those cunning and mad eyes
force me to kill another day
I stumble through that
familiar and treacherous routine
relieve consume and release
coffee cigarettes and
no food to speak of
thinking of how another day will end
plotting escape from
the terrors of normal life
time to grab some clothes
it doesn’t matter what anymore
for we all look the same
during those vague hours
and of course there
she stood in the back of my mind
as always, haunting, enduring,
but somehow
I kicked fear in the ass
and told it to
get the fuck outta here
get in the car
and drive same as the day before
however there’s always
conversation information
sometimes fun sometimes dull
words exchanged like
old keepsakes at a swap meet
half spoken and held in reserve
ahh to be a bum
with a laptop
or a notebook
how does the soul
creep through
endless days and
mysterious nights
to a destination it calls home
art is the only salvation





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