cold pavement

tell me why the streets
are so empty
on a friday night
where are the teenagers
wandering and high on life
or the mid life folks
drunk and desperate for more?
Where are all the stray tomcats
and scrawny dogs?
And why am I such an old soul?
Could it be that I have yet to learn?
Living this far out you can almost
feel the silence,
eerie and calm
questioning, always searching
for a meaning that was lost
or forgotten long ago
at 9pm we’re all just waiting
for something big
to happen, a surprise
a shock to the senses
will it come?
i gave up the fast beats of pop culture
for the slow notes of classical music
call me old, fuck it
beer goes down better
in those quiet moments
i always liked the old timers
something about being a curmudgeon
fierce, calculating, and resolute
that’s how I wanna be
when I grow up
but the youth can keep up
with the dawn, and still go strong
i prefer the noble balance


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