nights on the river

humanz are so amusing
drunk, we stumble about
fighting, fucking, showing up
and showing off
we dance, we roam
and we talk about nothing at all
we don’t answer our phones
but text till our fingers go numb
we poison our bodies with bad beer
and hard liquor
all in the name of fun
making new friends
and meeting old ones
we babysit the inebriated
the tripping stranger
sharing cigarettes
and throwing random compliments about
we wait forever in line
for just one more drink
we get hassled by cops
men without real jobs
we tolerate loud music in
crowded rooms
the roar of a hundred conversations
deafens us all at once
some folks search in vain
at 1 AM
for that last chance
sadness and desperation
spilling out of their eyes
while others just sit back, and smile
Now by we I mean you
i however, just step back
quietly observing this circus
that is humanity





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