a bus ride through limbo

i got on the bus to boston at 8am
with nothing but a change of clothes
a walkman, a book
and a bag of weed
the road was long, slow
and strange eyes stared at me from all
the quiet atmosphere was unsettling
what random thoughts were all these folks
i wondered, pondered, then thought better of it
the book I carried was dull
I don’t even remember what it was
but it kept me distracted
the quiet tension was beginning to grate on my nerves
glances were exchanged
then, finally I played some ozzy to break the silence
we stopped at a liquor store in New Hampshire
i was too young to buy booze
but a cool cat went in and got me some tequila
we drank and i rolled a big joint
we smoked, and toked, and
talked and laughed
no one seemed to care
in fact we attracted quite a crowd
people are more friendly when there’s pot and booze
floating around
it was time to resume the trip
we shuffled hesitantly back on the bus
quiet again almost dreamy
i thought about sleep, but you really cant sleep
on a bus with so many strangers
staring out the window stoned
the rest of the ride seemed to fly by
i don’t remember much after that
life seemed blurry
when i arrived in boston
i felt lost, such a big city
and I was so small
where was my friend?
after awhile i saw him coming,
little did I know
that the real trip was about to begin…





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