i shift

i am different things to different people
i’m a confidant, an apologist,
a know it all, and a humble hermit
a saint, and a whore
to others I”m an adventurer, a lover,
a leader, a drunk,
a bastard,
a clown, a sage
and a lost friend…
to some I seem quiet,
a loner, an observer
to others I am loud
and eccentric, dominate
in my opinions
i am many
and at times it’s hard to remember
i am one
i shift, with each new person
so many faces
a schizophrenic masquerade ball
not nearly enough places
i want to travel, experience
new lives
but I’m trapped, caged
by fear and indifference
a shallow well
trying to be filled
i’m a bad artist
living the good life
instead of a good artist
living the bad life
too mindful and impulsive
a poet who is lost then found
phases of the moon
marking my mood
i seek visions in fire
and wisdom at the bottom of a bottle
just another soldier
in the universal war
called life





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