a broken perspective

the roses no longer bloom
and the birds refuse to sing
humanity tried, but failed
it’s a spectacular calamity
of robotic faces
and repetitive routines
as we wander hopelessly
in this sleepy matrix

damn these dangerous deities
as i rage against this silent machine
carelessly walking down trampled paths
of scattered dreams
and filthy enlightenment

slowly i secretly try to wash away
these lagging and tired simulations
from soft and decaying flesh
under the waters of a
furious and distant moon

forgive this inhuman impulse
and forget this trans-human agenda
fuck all those “thought leaders”
and popular trends
social media breeds
an abstract disconnection

but i choose
the burning breath
of backyard nature
mysteries, kitten kisses
and sunset vibrations
it’s a photograph of
simplicity and ecstasy
as the music pulses
and smooth chickens roam
this unkempt wilderness

migrating from beer to wine to bourbon
it’s too late to contemplate (the soul)
but early enough to spectate
and dictate
accelerated prospects of love

drifting further and further away
from a purple reality
the strings want to carry me to a restless sleep
but my old black and white kitten
has come to once again dance around
my cluttered and complicated desk
it’s an old game
one that we haven’t played
in quite some time
and i’m torn between
trying to compose
meaningful nonsense
and stroking her aging soft fur

i think we all know which scenario wins

her purr is is a perfect rhythm
and her loving eyes
never fail to capture me

so now you understand
the magic of cats
as this poem went from
a tired farce of humanity
to the loving embrace
of a tiny secular beast

love always prevails


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