september whiskey nights by the pond

well, gods damn
these rivers of eden
that lie dormant in songs of red
upended and restless
i remembered a distant passion
an exotic emotion
that continued to drive my flesh
towards another mysterious
and spontaneous manifestation

captured by a turbulent mind
i decided to cruise down the road
to a not so secluded pond
and under the black space of divine creation
i stripped down nude
for an empty evening swim
there were no stars
nor any moon to speak of
just me and my bluetooth speaker
floating in a hollow green plastic bag
on the cool and late summer waters
of heavy illusion
and that liquid motion felt so good
on my naked and spiritually armored carapace
as the darkness amplified
those oddly random tunes
soothed my slightly confused
and orange soul

the pond was glorious
embraced by it’s cold and comforting grip
i floated softly in selective bliss
lazily contemplating
another quiet disaster

slowly i embraced the futility
of this nervous matrix
as confusion gave way
to the anxious stage
of traditional ecstasy
and in that moment
my spirit was consumed
by a solitary and dangerous vision
of passive inevitability
snapshots, conversations
and then, finally
up, onward and home
just one more submissive night
surrendering to the coronation
of inadequate words



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