a cruel business

what the fuck is up with this
dry ambition
slipping through
wet august whiskey nights
remembering past glories
and dreaming of
future conquests
that will never come to pass
flesh succumbs to reason
and yesterday and tomorrow
offer only a slight contrast
god(s) damn this purple public pendulum

nothing to gain
and nothing to lose
i’m tired of these bipolar orgasms
i want
an insane goddess
broken solutions
matching lyric heartbeats
persistent yet lazy
i reach for
in this sea of
hopeless humanity
holding on to
a sacred faith

sometimes i just want to
fuck right off
into a different sunset
but for now
i’m left with
and sporadic conversation
as i fight for desktop real estate
with my new kitten, samus half-face
she gets the point eventually
i don’t though
because i’m still here
furiously hammering away
trying to create new realities
from tired words
as the clock ticks ever closer
to another subordinate sunrise



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