cutthroats and saviors

axes and aces
dirty knives
and wet bed sheets
sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between
the darkness and the light
i sing beer trances
and light fires of
skeptical symmetry
and naked passion
as unholy poetry
charts an uncertain course

this reality isn’t real
it’s a hollow fantasy
in which we navigate
aimlessly and curious
waiting for forgiveness and redemption
seeking the christ conciseness
we accept these sideways facts
and move towards
greater goals
and even greater gods
forget, and forgive
this doomsday clock
drink beer and kiss
that special someone
under an unforgiving sun

this life is short
but our journey is long
as the cat purrs
and the fingers crawl
there is no eternal recourse
to the lords
of fatal prophecy

but, there is
one special moment
you and me
writing and reading
these sacred and obscure lines
seeking a delicate balance
between obsession and heavy indifference
spring, summer, fall,
and my empty friend called winter
natural death and slow rebirth

ugly and whole
we seek to solve this
spiritual dilemma
as chaos reaches for
obscene recognition


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