sunset rendezvous

cosmic conversation
shifting and shaping
reluctant passion
i’m living a precariously dull life
stop, break it hard
soft and secure
and wander towards
perpetual communion

driving down these dirty and familiar roads
i find myself craving insurrection
and searching for
a rebellious manifestation
of soft hearts
and callous minds
i’ve begun to take possession of my demons
and collecting souls seems so
simple and outdated
lonely, i crave secret flesh
mixed with sacred soul

love, complicated yet so simple
is the only truth
and in this moment i feel so
dangerous and alive
is it manifest destiny or simple insanity
sleepwalking through these
chronic and catatonic days
it’s so easy to meditate
when you hold half a handful of stars
striving to break invisible bars

far from sleep
the inevitable dawn of normality
seems so irrelevant
and there are so many signals to interpret
obscure variations
leading to nebulous realities

low life or no life
it’s everything or nothing at all
as i conduct astrological business
and drink beer
naked and unafraid
in front of this infernal machine
the sudden hands of a spectral stranger
assist me in composing elusive truths
while my capricious cats
attempt to assert their delicate dominance
as long and wailing guitars
harmonize an obscure
and spectacular path
towards my final solitude



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