two bills, nature, and the end

helpless calculation
blended blood-lines
and observations of bullshit
locked on the clock
with no place left to go
can we escape this
everyday madness?

surrounded by shaggy anxiety
depression and resurrection
share the same bed
the old world is almost dead
and this new trans-humanism is
unappealing at best
walking between lines of
technological conformity
will certainly lead us
to a spiritual deformity

so much control
and so little chaos
all i hear are
dead lyrical declarations
pre-programmed, sanitized
and devoid of spirit
the world needs more heart
forged in the fearless tranquility
of relentless art

the currency of consciousness is love
so gimme fire
colliding with water
a moment of wonder
to reside with gypsy gods
and dream of a dangerous climax
i don’t want order
i want passion
an abstract animation of the soul
i want to abolish hypocrisy
and expand our sleeping perspective

ruminate with the rhythm of sedition
march with the ghosts of midnight
and beware this voodoo media
the dragon is a slow mistress
so choose your illusions well



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