timeless voodoo

soiled and waiting for the rebirth
of this terrifying
and complex soul
riding the wave
i roam though agonies and allegories
pondering reality
and the death of imagination
i don’t want to go back there
back to the place where
the light is too bright
and the nights are drowned
by sadness and superstition

shopping for glow sticks and chains
and floating in unbaptized waters
i want eternal music
a warm sun
and a golden whore
i want a blissful breeze
that carries
charming deities
and a life that moves like lightning
furious and rarely forgotten

pan-demonic and possibly unpredictable
serious and deadly eyes
lock and unleash
alternative dimensions
of heaven and hell
definitions are blurred
as heroes and villains
become one in the same
and the world is lit on fire
one final time



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