unholy holiday

passion aligned with truth
is the key to everything
stop stuttering
and embrace that slow release
as physical bodies
bend and transcend
these crude boundaries
we drink the light
and charm the fates
awaiting a dubious transition
commemorate the bottle
and never forget
mind comes before matter
tradition is exhausted
but the spirit still excites

eleven fingers
crossed and spun
weave tales
almost too fantastic to behold
words hold magic
but a simple touch
means so much more
as starry eyes collide
confused and elevated thoughts swirl
lost in this collective ether
slowly waiting to be found
and under random and mystic raindrops
all our secrets are kept in check
as lonely tongues mingle
and uncanny trinities
lead to hungry divinities

be it quiet and simple
or fluid and obscene
will always remember
the chaotic rhythm of the moon
and crazy though we may be
we understand and cradle
these elevated vibrations
inside and out
one glance, one laugh, one kiss
as desire treads a shallow spectrum
watching vivid fruit bloom
and even when we wander
and stray from
poetic connection
our anxious hearts remain the same



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