going nowhere
but feeling good
lips and soul
hot, and lost in self control
collide in fantastic amalgamation
of anticipation and trepidation
touch and release
as forbidden fruit
touched by generic hops
still hold
a broken and horizontal sway
as we swing with black gazes
winding within incomplete mazes
and wandering with the promise of
something different
something new
a gentle pause,
wait, for one second
as we grip this elusive moment
and remember old passion made new

ahahaha, cries in the darkness
how these thoughts
criss cross so
hiding and gazing
on something magical
and larger than life
as we embrace this
one small slice
of an exotic
and private reality
and how these passions linger
in our confused and stable
stiletto life hearts
complication and mercy
ohh how we constantly we pierce
this subversive daylight
with our slightly sharpened blades
thrusting in and out
waiting for a chance
at ecstasy or infamy
testing the waters
of unfulfilled desires
dangerous and content
as lonely dead souls
walk empty streets
in hopes of creating
a new and temporary existence

i loathe yet slowly embrace
these whiskey dreams
cryptic and almost candid
breathless, with a dark and enveloping
reluctantly reveal
a selective spiritual release
i wait for it
one smile
okay, maybe two
as eyes connect
fuck that hesitation
a simle resignation
slick and silky
as smooth words emerge
and pulsate
waiting to feel something
just one more time
inconsistent and final
in this comfortable
and stale construct
we call modern life


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