switchblade simulation

expectation and anticipation
two sides
of the same fucked up coin
the fires we light are
and symbolic
of a ritual release
and this reality is
false, complex,
and constantly evolving
mine, is different from yours
as clouds obscure the sun
and cats,
curious and playful
in this midnight hovel,
elucidate techniques
of cryptic passion

karma calls
as the owl
and the pagan
embrace the path
of least resistance
and i reach for
divine discrations
while grasping
simple illusions
gripped by this
alcoholic induced fury
i’m casting stones
with visions of sex in the graveyard
and waiting for a cosmic revelation

summon the senses
with one kiss
and one connection
give me
one moment
to touch and reveal
secrets of the underworld
distant yet illuminating

it’s a sadistic
and romantic play
with no rehearsals
setting the stage
for a vegetable rebirth
the playground is empty
and undiscovered
as we spin solitary tales
and swing an iron hammer
to sharpen infinity’s edge

i love you
i am god
you are goddess
with these three words
the trinity reveals
an unholy divinity
forging a path
to secret traditions
hidden in plain sight

how many times have i told you
your focus determines your reality

so go forth
and kill your confusion
draw hard,
the arrow of destiny
shooting straight
to pierce the heart
of this selective oblivion
so that we might
conquer our fears
and establish
an alternative form
of collective consciousness

silence now
one heart
many minds
this is
the mystery revealed



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