timeless contrast and a dreaming radio

the money you use
isn’t real
the history you were taught
isn’t real
the food you consume
isn’t real
the medicine you use to heal
isn’t real
the science you put your faith in
isn’t real
the leaders you follow
aren’t real
the rules you’re told to follow
aren’t real
the entertainment you use to distract yourself
isn’t real
the reality you desperately cling to
isn’t real

hypnotized and watching life
through a skinny glowing screen
you wonder why the world seems so wrong
why does up bring you down
and why is the left
no different from the right
why the hate
why the division
metadata, metaverse
it’s all just a fantasy curse
the media is a trap
and all of this chatter
is nothing more than
carefully crafted illusions
meant to capture your soul
history repeats itself
as humanity mutates
and false gods
play their twisted games

but there’s still hope
hope lies in a baby’s smile
or a cat’s gentle purr
hope lies in lovers holding hands
or the creation of art
hope lies in peaceful protests for change
or a spontaneous gathering of friends
hope lies in the soothing scent of local flowers
or the sacred songs of wayward birds
hope lies in laughter
and in truth
substance soothes the wounded mind
so tune out
and then
tune in
the universe gives guidance
find balance
because natural laws
never change



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