down and dirty
bootlegging prosperity
with wet and demystified meditations
the rain continues to fall
as we spill random thoughts
on the morning floor
weaving mantras of
depression and tranquility
the cats like this silence
and so do i

no job
no woman
no magic
just fragmented poetry
and a ghosted moon

sometimes it’s hard to catch a buzz
sometimes it’s hard to catch a break

life isn’t black and white
like those simple photos
i shot downtown yesterday
sometimes all we have
are these moments of
dangerous deliberation
and furious illusion

should we shatter
this already broken system?

i watch god and the devil
play chess on a lonely park bench
suddenly the pawns revolt
and like unhinged geniuses
they just
walk away
all that’s left
is a civil stalemate

victory it seems
lies in our ability
to simply say no



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