disruption and beautiful release

run so slow
that the wind
will try to catch you
remember ancient songs
embedded in genetic memory
wet with desire
we wash these unseen
and labored illusions
in the treachery of lost identity
with revelations
scattered across a two-toned landscape
hypnotized and captured by
the vitality of anxiety
let us forget that central pleasure
and forgive our fluid trespasses
as we swim in these
turbulent oceans of emotion
distraction, predictability
and symmetrical foundations
time is an illusion
and the only power it has
is that which we give it

so let’s not sit
on our soft
and delicate asses
because the morning
is creeping up on us
and today,
today is a new revolution
so embrace the narration
of these dangerous spiritual riots
that are carried wildly
on a summer’s breeze
hate is conquered
and love,
love is like light
from that bright
and distant star
long dead
yet somehow immortal
defying the odds
to grant us
one last mystery



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