chasing a divine comedy

falling on the same sword
time and time again
with bursts of passion
and capital distractions
poetry is a coquettish dream
just another dying rapture
and it’s showtime
at the hazard theater
poor luck, or no luck at all
i don’t believe in coincidence
naked and absurd
i manifest that essential flesh
and they come for kisses,
for raw attention
but rainbows never last
and those dark clouds
that seemed so inviting
are burned and broken by the sun
and the sun is a vicious mistress
hot and often too intense
we are drained
by this slow lust ritual
and the moon is always there
waiting behind the scenes
laughing at all your
foolish obsessions
as she quietly caresses you
preparing you
for one more
insane dress rehearsal
just another symmetrical slave
in this sarcastic side-show



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