making the grade

sitting on a sidewalk
and weaving wilted wraiths
i’m running on
drastic levels of sleep
so, try not to try
pretend i’m crazy
and you’re sane
take a chance
and divide this divine direction
as we attempt
to capture rare moments
of uncontrollable desire
and fight small machines
in large crowded rooms
will you join me
and laugh in the face of disaster

stability threatens mean fashion
and i see
accidents of humanity
bound in bare focus
our exposure is just
a little off
as dangerous creativity
burns our lost stars
and this unfamiliar terror
lingers like a fixed flame
i can’t find the moon
but perhaps i’m immune
to reality’s tribune
luck no longer exists here
and is it treason
to consider this season
nothing more than a tempest
of natural lust

chaos chases smooth beasts
and don’t you know
they’re trying to delete us
through political correctness
and digital dependence
what if we just said no
because the sum
is not greater than the whole
in lock-down we look up
and see this illusion
for what it is
fear forgets the signs
but i know
the tongue that binds
and when boredom becomes brilliance
dusty words no longer mold
harsh moonlit excuses
the old gods will fade
and in a brilliant cascade
our wandering souls
will finally upgrade



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