boxes of focus and fury

laugh it up
cuz this whole circus
seems so absurd
wandering chaotic social feeds
and watching humans doing animal tricks
as stillborn soldiers and anxious puppets
are left green and naked
after an uncomfortable assimilation
we passively engage in
lost converstations
with floating question marks
as our only answers
filtered portraits and half formed sentences
too many lines to diffuse
so easy to confuse
when will the shorthand of joined circles
reconcile my disbanded attention span?

what a fucking joke
it’s almost too much to comprehend
and sometimes my brain moves
faster than my fingers
because the memories are short
but the characters are long
i’m competing with an invisible adversary
and i’m wondering
how to complete this filthy night
because the wine is running low
and i can already hear the call
of my rough white pillow

goddamn, it’s going to be another night
of starvation and innocuous songs
i’ve been here so many time before
captured by california cats
with buoyant eyes that analyze
and carefully memorize
infinite landscapes
to render a gentle theme
i remember random seasons
and the promise of an unpredictable sunrise
and sometimes i think
i should disembark, wipe the slate clean
and settle for a feline romance

reaching for a short writ,
bound by blackened pens
i”m tired of limited excitement
and sometimes i want to write
sleepy adventures
with belief purged
under a blood red moon
with spells woven to swoon
this virtual human cartoon
seeking admiration
through an honest declaration
absent of decoration
i’m waiting for an explanation
or a final, peaceful expiration



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