sitting confused with clocks and cats


spirit surprise
cold blue sunrise
living on starvation and secret signals
are we just riding rapid waves
of liquid sound
wrapped in a soft turbulence?
hustling quiet letters, into ashen text
i wonder what happened to all those words
of persistent pagan poetry
was it just a magik mark
left to scar
creative men?
and what the hell happened to all those
delicate little flowers
lingering in anticipation
of a new dawn?

i find it hard to write lately
and i’m sitting here buzzed,
watching the world turn, and burn
i’m 43 and still haven’t managed
to master this subtle art
of majestic word games
gambled and often times given away
in this parlor of empty reason
i’ve tried to be prophetic and simple
maybe i should say something like
“black virtue burns brighter than all these false gods”
but whatever, it seems these dreams
are slowly melting

formless and friendless
i have little reality to lean on
and the world is dying to submerge
this collective consciousness
in a silent submission
of satirical slavery
it saddens me
but what if
we are all unstoppable?
what if we are all
diametrically opposed gods
of a selective eden
carried once and away
by a singular simulation
only to return
half remembered
and thirsty for
patterns of chaos and chance
memorize these silver songs
and perform virgin rituals
of chemical communication


drive away
from this
domesticated matinee
gimme foreplay
on the freeway
hiding halfway
between this gourmet gateway
will you disobey
and come out to play
helping me to write
a transient screenplay

i choose cold beer
and the hot magick
of moments spent in uninterrupted bliss
as echoes of passion and insanity
conceal truths too dangerous
to whisper in polite company
so forgive the muddled masses
who embrace and elevate fools
magnify the haggled hermit
that accept the mother’s wisdom
nature, natural necessity
beauty isn’t what you think it is
but it is , everywhere
if you care to open your third eye
rolled in random darkness
energy doesn’t die
but it can be wasted
so choose carefully
and beware these static libations

heroes come and go
in society’s ridiculous sideshow
so fuck this mental limbo
be a magnificent maestro
set your soul to a hobo flow
and escape this spiritual ghetto
forget where you are
forget where you’ve been
embrace the arrival of an incomplete destiny
rules are meant to be broken
revealing two halves
of an individual truth
so stop seeking and start living
sail a sea of cosmic vibrations
let yourself be consumed and recycled
and marvel at what emerges
don’t fear the storm
be the storm
for there’s a calm resolution
on the other side of that uncertain horizon



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