hot souls

caught here
in a laminated
state of limbo
almost untouchable
yet murdered by boredom
and uncertain purpose
i suppose the destination
was never truly clear
and all these random kingdoms
seem a little less brilliant now
trading translucent love
for opaque loneliness
i know i can go it alone
but what’s the point
of treading water
only to reach a deserted island
sacrificing a simulation of self
to salvaged and uncaring gods

we can’t win
because the game is rigged
but that’s okay
because i’d rather play
a different game
one where opportunity beats the odds
deadlines become lifelines
and curious focus
drives starving ambitious
laughing at sliding reason
the lines begin to blur
as random shades of light
reveal wise and obscene truths
that we were too distracted to see
madness is defined then dismissed
exhausted reality spitting acute awareness
as we sit on a grassy hill
third eye open
planting a seed
and awaiting the next manifestation



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