aggravation and the glorious echo of uncertain euphoria

what happens when
the lions roam free?
what happens when
heavy words
no longer suffice
living through grass fed days
with too much love
or not enough
we’re just dancing between stale flames

where did all our heroic bandits go?

stalled in this
paperback misadventure
i’m compelled to turn the page
one side reads connection
the other side, rejection

a man loves his lonely routines
as the mind stabs the heart
slowly bleeding subtle art
as blue pills
red wine
and the long night predicts
the outcome of the day
refusing to confess
fiction becomes reality
as i sit in the corner
petting my cats,
lazily laughing
at all this absurdity

measuring the moment
with quiet signs
and tired excuses
the pendulum continues to swing
back and forth
with little hope for change
lusting and past due
it’s the same ole game

the eyes
sell lies
to the soul
and on and on
it goes



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