three am and the tyranny of quiet imagery

bleeding and bewildered
the fire swans flips
before the clock rises
lady death laughs
as another blue morning arrives
unmasked and undecided
and another passive predator
lies down to sleep forever

docile and almost delirious
we are dealt dogmatic despotism
in deceptive dosages
as we stand poised
in parallel possession
pretending not to tremble
as ignorant experts
in white coats and grey shoes
dictate another false destiny

overworked and overpriced
time slows down
and laughing slaves
sacrifice their illusions
to the mission of furious lyrics

like gypsies lost in junkyards
of delicious depression
we consume metaphors as medicine
plundering wet dreams
as we wait for impaired incantations
to deliver us from this
underrated and broken television story

at three am
the true sedition
of this infinite condition
is a pirate manifestation
seeking to remove us from
this immortal machinery
and the tyranny of quiet imagery



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