slipping through the cracks

well shit
here we are again
swimming in serenades
of subjective sabotage
indifferent and working on
the next tragedy
red fans and white cigarettes,
two kittens and the grateful dead
and typing another
another alternate reality
as sonic showers of sound
strike at ruptured memories
and confused sentries
circle round an ugly secret
that hides just behind the sun

maladies in metaphors
writing live folklore
as we stretch beyond humanity’s door
to become something more
than puppet whores
of these complex and futile wars

beware tall men
and their short orders
distant and dead-eyed
they are limiting our
scattered responses
as confrontation continues
to hammer the brain
but fury has a way of
overwhelming fear
and i wonder if they know
how strong
these skinny hearts
beat and bleed?

signals are set to appease
so ignore the silicon junkies
of society’s tired hierarchies
and where are my copper keys?

reaping rabies and rubies
will you walk with me
as i observe this
electric overture
of spectral architecture
duplicitous, and surrendering
to a digital dichotomy
with chakras and body parts
stimulated, and aligned
at just the right frequency
we can no longer be intimidated
or sedated
by accommodated reason

can you hear the lazy peasant drum
getting louder
gaining momentum
and reaching for a baptism
of beautiful distortion
as intoxicated and invisible energies stir
forming new and adventurous gods
under our collective collapsing star

blessed by capricious cats
and captivating commas
i’m counting cajun crosses
in the eyes of dirty zombies
so give me an organic verse
of exotic and disruptive poetry
to enhance and entrance
the still and salivating masses
challenging them to experiment
with slippery exploration
defying boredom
and the face of quiet insanity

breathe and be free
don’t let your soul
slip through the cracks



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