eyes ignored and toppled with uneven humanity

demon spit
chewing the fat
of another industrial day
and sitting at an empty gate
as we restlessly contemplate
the zebra mind
of this obscene and dying fate

bleached out
in subtle tones of the dead
a calypso cat
lies quietly to the side
waiting for roaming tales prophesied
and with an elastic cough
i light another hopeless cigarette
in hopes of exchanging
hastily painted fallacies
for intricate new age heart breaths

there’s no medication
to exhume this nervous sedation
but the quiet purr
of my black and white kitten
almost sets me right
the temple is abandoned
but chances at lazy freedom
are still given
so color this empty space
with the rendition of
timeless decoration
and sing me one final song
cuz i’ve got my head in the clouds
and my feet in the mud

flip that silver coin
and drop another hit
perhaps you should
distrust these exclamatory
and late words
trusting instead
in the sonic vibrations
of scarred and curious hands
seeking another tired soul

i’m standing in
for the cosmic actor
and playing my part
with imperfect clarity
as down and dirty magic
writes another realistic ending



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