a new (and different) vision

quick cats
soft in their multicolored finery
hold court with
shadows of another dusty evening
how they jump towards
old favor
and dance
upside down at a moments notice

it’s hump day (though no luck here)
and i’m listening to
Dead bootlegs from 1978
with a slim beer
and grey cigarettes
as miniature fans
hold the tone
and i’m
bored to the bone
that’s why i’m
writing this absurd and delicious tale

i’ve decided that
drunk or sober
morning or night
i must write
at least once a day
something to keep the gloom
at bay

though i must admit
i like writing more
at night
slightly buzzed
it may not be as literary
but it’s fun

the fingers flow over the keys much easier
and isn’t that what it’s all about?

i just finished another beer
and my new kitten
is wreaking havoc in the kitchen (good for her)
it’s strange to be up so late
drinking and writing
when i know that
i must rise
so unreasonably early for work
ohh well
that’s what makes this life interesting
a challenge against the standard day

the world is so fucked
and i’ve come to the point
where i just don’t care
humanity seeks slavery
while i seek liberation
poetry can be anything
you want it to be
and for me
it’s simply a means to
converse with myself
and hope
that someday you’ll understand

this is a new phase for me
rapture and redemption
rolled into a juicy
firecracker of unkempt time
it’s all speculative and relative
it means nothing
and everything
it’s hollow
yet whole
seeking strings of the universe
and fading toward a quiet end

perhaps we’re all crazy
but is there anything more beautiful
than uncensored human frailty?
perhaps there is
but at this moment
all that matters
is the word

cheers from the haven
of another lonely and blissful night
i love you all



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