questions in the garden of background noise


5G confusion
fire as a mental infusion
stay close to the earth
and wait for a rebirth
as paper heats are
ripped from an orange moon
and set under songs of
seditious surrender
as half beats linger
in orgasms of
propaganda and protest
faithless flowers
cut short
by immortal engines
jumped, dumped, and slumped
upon another empty shore
we’re all just servants
of the new cold war

soulful discretion,
artful misdirection,
and reluctant insurrection
toil in disarray
all these worlds are just
playful words
mixed in yellow emotion
as we abbreviate and accelerate
this identity machine

i’m tired of all this tabloid medication
i want to live in feline time
slender under the shadows of safe-conduct
we aren’t trapped
we’re just cozy
ancient mother, reveal to me
the furry features
of this glorious american night


ask fear how it faces the day
is it, rage revisited?
the end comes quicker than expected

and moonlight whores
on vacation
i remember a subtle touch
under summer blankets of insanity

man of a full moon
bent and bleeding,
a prophet on parole
stained books, and stained souls
litter this lascivious landscape
the pen and the gun
are one in the same
so, write the words
spoken from wine
write them to appease
the riddles of time
cracked open
from a crystalline mind
as we refine and reassign
the rapacious repetition
of secular story lines

gripped by another grey morning
we are blissful and driven out
by the whispers of floating hours
so, embrace the apocalypse
of this delicate wilderness

matched within a facetious fate
we remain respectively unique
a tired flame, fair game
and karma
kills us all the same



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