apocalypse, and a peaceful parade of nothing

forget the fallen faces of fiction
free from dreams, free from
illusions, and realities
financial fatalities
pharmaceutical fantasies
we are all just fatigued
and wrapped in a fabian fate

death races down avenues of unfamiliar revolt
in silver cars, under scarlet stars
and i sit here, almost everyday
under skies of dull order
reigning in telepathic memories
far from the perfect gardens
of our wounded ancestors
as chaos continues to fill it’s eternal belly

nonsense remains secular
damn this political disorder
charmed into submission
we are incomplete,
unbound from the truth,
sabotaging sanity
with the contagion of crystal flesh
race and religion are obsolete razors
meant to cut the fabric of peaceful society

this nervous simulation cannot hold

too tired to break
i watch spiderwebs form
with the fascination of
zombie industry’s fabrication
removed from riots and racy reformations
refreshed and ready to be lazy
i choose no side
all i want is rain
rain to remember
and rain to reverse
these poetic tides of infamy

sometimes when the night burns
with damp eternity
i wonder how butterflies ever lingered
in concrete jungles of love



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