abandoned artists on caffeine

language as a virus
infected word messages
cut up,
and cast towards the next agenda
chewing through this raw illusion
with virtual teeth
can you remember the real world?

i remember
machine-gun towers of madness
with jackals
in a rubber market
demanding souls
or cheap conversations

cussing or cursing
we sit on foreign park benches
built from the flowers
of slightly dead artists
and try not to confront
the failed ecstasies of tomorrow

with pointless temptation
wrinkles wrestle with
burning immortality
as fat butterflies kiss
green tombstones
under unemployed moonlight

impossible deities
roam nylon shores
with the insurance of
resting spiders
as i
walk with a devil of
lifeless lifestyles
and watch dreaming hearts
become constrained,
then consumed
by anchored devotion

cobra kiss
dime store bliss
hungover and
lying naked
on the authority
of a dying oasis

playing random games of nervous humanity,
drinking lizard cocktails,
and scattering grass ashes
i’m tired of waiting for lazy culture
to correct this sanctuary of fear

when the old ways return
sterile shadows will be distilled
and form sweepstake poems
economically placed
to bend our fragile realities



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