sleeping with the birds

watching the heavy hands
of a corrosive clock
are we speaking
revolution or resolution

pennies for princes
and prisons for peasants
is it the end of the world
or just the end of another black notebook

watching advertisements from hell,
these reluctant antibodies,
are fed up with gentle agony
caught between the first and the last
obscene arrivals
the socks are grey
and the fly
is always

walking amidst roads of social unrest
parables and paradoxes,
broken like old toys
waiting for glue,
are kept in android harmony

soft screen education,
has it really been
a quarter century
since we last tasted mercy?

perched blissfully on the edge of reason
layers of backseat biofeedback
float in hours of entropy
as sound waves are estranged
and smiles concealed,
are served under lavender eyes

indian hue, and
shabby curb individuals
do you remember the traffic
of sidewalk art?

philosopher eyes killing this random dystopia
no one stirs now
among this
occult adulation
waiting to escape
and scheming so well
the streets are dead
as vampire vibes
signal the end

soul chips and binary bolts
bonded to a new body,
reflect shades of another scrawny beast

late, we translate
fate, and negate
the shackles of
an indifferent god’s slavery
as satan lurks in the sunset
and reaching for something
less than zero

red and black
black and yellow
slipstream freedom
gripped in an orgasm of subtle fury
sleep in a symphony of madness
and shake loose from this smokescreen division

atomic nightclub
stewing in another stalled apocalypse
there is sorcery in this scenery
can you see
how artificial lights
burns the breath
of a thousand
catholic mistresses

sleeping with the birds
manic, malevolent,
and aroused
i rise
to another faulty
and obsolete occasion



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