a little star in this artist anarchy

broken at dawn
as grey clouds of spring
come to claim me
how many times
can we evade love
and match broken promises
with petrified hearts

paragons and strange phases
surprised and conquered
in a public spectale
with moments
of malicious memory
we surrender to
infernal chaos
and shoddy scripture
the sickness is in this sanity

broken and sold to suffer
as a summer slave
fools dive deep
running from unstable shores
as exhausted chimes
evoke eccentric echoes

home movies played in reverse
displaced by fast circumstance
forget these crazy
stuttering secrets
gimme broken poetry
over dual souls
inspired and reaching for
burnt and quiet offerings

broken like yesterday
dressed and ready for
shotgun shadows
we’re laughing
in the face of uncertainty
and the terror of ugly flesh

forget the realities that sleep
within eyes cocked in naked nines
lie like the sun,
draw your sword
and stab at muted monsters
as we bottle the moon
and sell decadent dreams
to the children of disorder

broken at just the right moment
perhaps the eyes of tomorrow
will discover
the dreamy rhythm
of cigarette lyrics
hanging lazy
like revolutionary cats
resting on the pillow of dusk



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