black gardens rule unspoken passion

beethoven redefined
as romance fuels
a mysterious euphoria
working within forms of
domesticated torture
we are trapped by the odds
and trespass
on confused playgrounds
distant and unnoticed
as we pierce stray sanity
with a dissenting pun

mapped with
masks of the sun
not in two
but spun
with rusty
word guns
we are
remembering glass moments
as we abandon wicked pride
and purge substance
like an elderly clock

white bits of fear
quietly stir
a bright meal of
uncertain foreplay

familiar teacher,
repulsive is the shade
of sideshow passion
leaking on the floor of
smooth energy
as we
dance with flower souls
deaf and limitless
sitting on consequence
drunk and across from love
only to surprise
elusive bastards
reflecting terror in the eyes
as we wait
for the payment of sunrise

moonlit misfit education
tv reason
reignited in a recliner of solitude
i’m burning the imagery of sex
as empty bitches and phoenix tomcats
bleed carefree mysteries
along pages of misdirection

treading lightly with solid steps
and wading through graveyards
of nervous cigarette smoke
simple curiosity
surpasses the glories of night

silence unfolds
waiting like a full time servant
as i pirate books
and rip afternoon notes
of anarchic ancestor flesh

exhaustion measures down
another poet’s
narrow memory
sitting with
a living melody
as caffeine deliberation
crawls across this paperback screen

failed but written to remember the middle
black perspective is an endless embrace
patterns gone mad, centered and
screaming for a reminder of rage at 7am
inward colors shadow impossible secrets
dreaming of cosmic passion
reborn as foreign orgasms
as i tune the morning
with loose notes
and controlled habits
measuring my weakness
on spreadsheets of catholic guilt

presenting words before passage
clear time
sides with a homeless poem
sometimes solace is unbalanced
and writing is a fragile remedy



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