temporary submission

it’s terrible you know
waiting on empty
for the light to turn green
everyday terror
broken cars amidst withered lives
out the door to a job
where you try to fix
that can’t be fixed

i’m working to meet unseen ends
working for food
working for shelter
working for a clue to this
spiderweb existence

anxious, i kill the unintended word
as beer and wine form a depressing line
and love is like this blinking cursor
frontline, lifeline
feline smile
serpentine perspective
and the sky is always

living the good life
as a blue body moves through public deception
sometimes i hate this computer convenience
confused and too cold to think
i reach for the phoenix

living for
one simple moment of bliss
a solstice kiss
or an artful artifice

the lion has lost his teeth
but the birds still sing
they always sing
even when it rains



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