when darkness calls to the light

crooked words, crooked speech
carelessly spent
and sent to teach
empty in the dim light we preach
oversight and overwrite
letters to excite
pale faces, under percussive moonlight

madmen think they have become gods
but they are at odds with spiritual mods
and sleepy children know different

crack the books, slam!
i’m tired of these long-dead jams
sentient scams
tired of these lingering holograms

dueling with doctor divine
drinking obscene wine to rhyme
feeling no presence in time
as homemade nurses
invoke delicate versus
to drive away
these machiavellian curses

busy chasing machine gun doves
as fatigued fools make money
in the house of love
we can wait no longer
for wandering whispers from above

observing sinful signs
and blind bonds that bind
this absent mind
well defined, consigned,
declined, and left behind

complex heart, robot embrace
caught between interface and database
slow the pace, retire to a quiet place
and remember that captivating face

hungry for a curious and lazy dance
i remember the ghost of summer’s romance
stop! sidestep and enhance
reshape this autumn fire trance

lsd promise, hide and seek
divine the mind’s eye and weep
slip and let the truth creep
cast science as a ritual technique
speak in dark tongues
with white hot mystique
visit the moon
and become the freak

deluxe transition
artistic inquisition
spiritual composition
lying upon quiet hills
we decompose
to feed washed out rainbows
and expose saint-less shadows

hocus pocus, fluid focus
watching crows on the snow
speak with white voices
that echo in black casinos

earth artist skill
shaped and shifted to thrill
blood money, sour honey
it’s time to redefine
this cultural design
as cat eyes shine
byzantine and borderline
across a surreptitious timeline

beware the bewildered beast
we’ve prepared a shallow feast
in the wintry northeast
for heroes long deceased

perhaps it’s a mindless song
inhaled from a missionary bong
head-strong heart-gong
so long

misplaced by a poet’s beat
misspelled muscles nearly retreat
writing misunderstood feats
backseat, backstreet
miscalculated and dancing to karma’s drumbeat
write me wrong and then delete
for the circle is almost complete



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