how to defeat labored breaths of the blackest night

drugstore diner
deadlocked in bony persistence
as glimpses from strangers on standby
grip solid breaths in the salty public air
frantic, we watch
a thousand mad drunk whispers
rip raw the rose of spring

remember the ashes
remember, grey mornings
wet with anticipation
remember, wine bottles
cracked and empty
like a blue firefly
trapped in perpetual consumption

darkness at 5pm
settled in sin
we use death to live
and the rain
the rain remembers
adventures caught in the throats
of flammable visionaries
young, but still ready to die

remember car rides
that could last forever
with whispers of
sacred symphonies
that linger in the background
one long drive is all it takes
to settle outstanding debts
with the rulers of mystic memes

fly like an old cat
riding the rhythm
of porcelain words
remember the shadow symphony of language
and worship a delirious tongue
bitter beneath a goddess mist

subtle damnation
as daylight misinformation
slides into
entertainment death
awaiting the call
of fiat rules
and the opinion of fascist fools

this notebook has stalled on the last few pages
and too much time is spent
on uneven harmonies
sleep, and watch over forest feet
what are we waiting for?

long live the naked green god
ferocious and haunting
a picture of poetic decay
as eternity wakes a fish eyed fever

remember metal landscapes
and festivals frozen in time
remember that we are dying
and run from salted ghosts

reckless and pretending to be young
i drink purple potions
in padded prisons
fixing broken instruments
and writing backwards poetry
as the dog barks
her morning defeat

fizzle and falsify
tempt fate and contemplate
a composition of cut ups
arranged like perfect pictures
of deranged pageantry
as the forecaster dreams of
the herald of evening love

remember how blue angles bled
on a brilliant velvet ocean
dazzle, dance, desire
explore these poison poems
under a scarecrow twilight

one more drink
embrace and devour
this delicious flower
no time to think
as i hallucinate and infiltrate
round faces and empty vessels
that calculate and domesticate
wild spirits of creativity

hunched and waiting for wisdom
i feel that something’s coming
turbulence is hiding behind
tired and tilted trees

walk west from eden
and remember how an afternoon rain
makes time’s possession lift
like late model lilies
lazy and laughing on LSD


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