a conspiracy of suicide kings

disturbances and alien language
tip-toe on glass surfaces
with dirty dashboards and long running dreams
all captured in dead letters
the wind blew october’s apparition away
nothing is final
we’re all just decadent ghosts
haunting various stages of human existence

sudden stop
fear at 3am
return, reload
and flow
crypto calypso
stamping typeface on hallowed ground
with fleeting concentration
and programmed destinations
no looking back
always moving
forward and down

dance between the raindrops
severing shaded symbols
strike a limited connection
and wait for an external reception
as you compose untitled poems
by broken lamp light
in quiet insurrection

i can summon the golden dawn
but i can’t chase the rain away
i can breathe binary breaths of bleeding fruit
but i can’t remember where we last laughed
i can raise the living
but i can’t forget the dead

i can inspire
delicate desire
in a spiritual hellfire
and conspire
to reveal halloween eyes
of saggitarian sapphire

as i sidestep and stride
occupied, amplified, override
creating the new counter-culture
a rainbow rhapsody of resplendent reclamation

talismans of lsd
traced on another morning moon
tripping the rift
always remember the rose
and beer drunk pharaohs
shooting crooked arrows
as you watch
silent strangers
mount one another
in macabre manifestations
of mutual misbehavior

broomsticks and bones
we work to play
and parlay
a razor’s foreplay
and never
safari dreams in
caffeine disarray
eviscerate and navigate
an infinite expressway
as we tirelessly slay
green games by day
and reap
red victories by night

and a morphine queen
splash across
silver screens
as toy machines
reach between
sacred evergreens

we need heroes
and homeless prophets
to map the rhythm of
dandelion dancers in heat
the saints are sealed in stone houses
and i have fallen victim
to passions hidden in summer’s woe
scarecrow, desperado
watching headlights
through a tiny window
and waiting
for the next vixen to arrive

where is my red fiery goddess?



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