what is all this for?

if not for death, for life
if not for disease, for health
if not for fears, for tears
if not for age, for wisdom
if not for expedience, for experience
if not for hate, for love
if not for phone calls, for text messages
if not for loneliness, for companionship
if not for depression, for adventure
if not for forgotten homes, for un-named roads
if not for reality, for make believe
if not for sleep, for dreams
if not for beer or wine, for the vibe
if not for revelation, for manifestation
if not for destruction, for creation
if not for relaxation, for art, music, and poetry
if not for being inspired, for being retired
if not for an urban rush, for the solace of nature
if not for cigarettes and black coffee, for the morning
if not for noise, for quiet
if not for soft madness, for subtle sanity

for pedestrians, and worker bees
for the homeless, and corporate casualties
for the bus drivers, waitresses,
store clerks, and salesmen
for wage slaves, and volunteers
for men who stare and clouds
and mutineers
for the lovers, and the whores
for artists, and their metaphors
for introverts, for extroverts
for the happy, for the sad
for the terminal, for the mad
for humans who seek affection
and lonely souls of disconnection
for cats and dogs
for obsolete demagogues
for the fighters
for the defeated
for all those
who feel mistreated

for purpose, for immortality

what is all this for?
it’s for you
it’s for me
and everything that lies in between



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