red wine and the black moon knight

slow mornings, riding in the jazz man
as the piano sings discord within a familiar key
there’s no place left to forget
and the sun hits hot
on black concert tees

quiet fear and pleasures cruel
feeding us hypothetical fuel
we carve broken hearts on broken fences
unintended consequences
as heightened senses are spent
like so many frivolous expenses

trespassing through the valley of lost melodies
with a lyrical savant
we inspire spirit avenues
split and drowning in droning music
and i can almost feel
the great vibration of melancholy
as collapsed feet tease a new beginning

half-tone housewives haggle
over pawn store haikus
trading tattoos and unwritten clues
and all day i’ve gazed upon cactus bodies
that hallucinate obedient souls
roused from a saintly saga
i meditate with absent desire
and mediate a meager embrace
of subhuman riffs

garden gangsters
galvanize the ghettos
with silent shades of grey
scamper away and pray
cuz the lords and ladies
of lion festivals
are ready to play

remanent readings
recalling a time
when old was new
quick, turn the page
and stage
a contemporary coup

abstract introduction,
chaos symphony destruction
i am laid naked before your eyes
distant prize,
remembering blissful highs,
and evading shrouded spies

amber pages are stained with a silver pen
follow the silhouette of a manic maiden
mimicking a calculation
of the mind’s eye
could you manifest this mechanical masquerade?

nonsense imagery is key
as we seek to dispel
this torturous normalcy

hidden expressions,
and ashtray confessions
breed passive possessions,
and lingering obsessions
subtle concessions
as drug store dream girls
spin targeted tails
on sideways sidewalks
sliding with slow magnificence
towards the hungry dreams
of lost and forgotten men

undead domestication
dislocation, deification
all the players are dead
or on a permanent vacation
so , with euphoric dedication
let us celebrate celibate temples
showered with six pointed sexual stars
as the back-handed banjo player
thumps another bourbon beat



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