a solitary proposal

manual simulation (or was it stimulation?)
the quiet kills me carelessly
as the constant blur of
fans in erratic harmony
permeates the stillness
of another forgotten night

under an almost full moon
i watch
a tired dog
and lazy cat
from the corner of stilled oblivion
softly, they romanticize futility

listen to the golden tumor
laced with
broken beats
of another misplaced melody
felled by karma, pride
and too many sleepless nights
i sit and sip
formless winds and harsh wine
perpetually washed away
warring with an unseen warden of time

this temple is almost spent
and i lament
the younger days of rome

capped in a lotus pose
as a shadow falls behind me
i’m waiting for the grass to grow
waiting for the word
waiting, for this restless traffic
to compose another fateful chorus

morning breaks, and
this routine is ramshackle
i’mĀ hijacked and handicapped
strolling through disputed communes
uncensored, unedited and unexcited

seeking a place to retire,
this moment feels like
a departure
a sacrificial salute
to the salvation of
old madnesses
made new


too emotional
too much deliberation
too much….
of everything

watching with nervous eyes of
this cryptic embrace spells
mixed with a final release that’s lost in

forget this dangerous game
i’m searching for just one smile
a smile that could
light this whole damn town on fire

charged and disrupted
in the defective hours of daybreak
i ponder the mysteries of natural sin
wondering when absent lovers will coalesce
and strike their immortal pose


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