pacified by a
composting under a
cancerous sunset
and carefully composing
a caboodle of calamitous intent

days without poetry
and nights without you
i’m bathing by a pool
of blood wine and rum
slow, lost, and rolling with
the blues of blind noise
as i memorize this dictionary of sound

i spied beauty in the forest
and her name was spelled like art
wrapped up in this
calculated cadence
it’s a ceremony
a climax of
warring souls

hocus pocus
shaped and shifted focus
a devil is watching,
laughing at this mismatched moment
of soulful particles
stretched across glazed eyes

i’m counting winters
and collecting summers
mourning the loss of
sudden invention
or was it
prophesied intervention
as i embrace this
empty space
tired race
of an all too familiar

here come the dogs
confident and clueless
i don’t follow that pack anymore
yet i’m still dying, slowly
will i birth something new today ?

“open the door”
“what are we doing here?”
“we are conjuring dreams
from sedentary reality”

“don’t remember the old gods
reinvent them
mars is on fire
and as faith is restored
we will burn
the sheet music of war
to cleanse all this disorder”

the sun is driving an obtuse sky
as the heavens duel
with a crawling horizon
a creature storm
is cajoled, cultivated, and reborn
as subjective smoke rises
from the sultan of sarcasm

patchwork assimilation
broken communication
with ghost songs
waiting on spectral signs
limited in and out of time
ethereal conversations
are luring me towards
unknown features of the west
as i seek to
map this modern miracle

i empty another bottle of wine
in search of that elusive jinn
and these episodic vibrations
threaten to crack
the great window of dawn

riding a red spider mystery
i’m calling for one more connection
or perhaps just a universal correction
sudden hex, no sex
just mechanical reflex
and the web,
the web is overgrown
as it reaches for it’s apex

catching echoes
the moon made me crazy
sleep was required but denied
and thankfully this notebook is almost spent



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