I (the vision)

“drink wine, eat tacos,
drop acid, be a slut,
and start a revolution”

sound advice
the old gods aren’t dead
they’re just forgotten
but now as i sit in this
wet morning smoke break
the clouds are rolling in
threatening to consumes
all these wandering dogs
and empty park benches
and suddenly i remember
there’s no mystery here
it’s simple chemistry
absent collaboration
i’m well on my way to living(and dying)
like never before
this is everything and nothing
mixed in a toilet bowl of grim satisfaction

II (fierce reality)

human clay, nothing but
odd shapes twisted by
malice and the friction of love
under the haze of a sober moon
felled, i swoon
as the metal machine comes to tame me
or possibly just claim me
there’s no use fighting it

i’m not a poet, not really
i’m just a guy who
sleepwalks through days
consuming energies, emotions
and shitting them out on paper as i try
to make sense of this bewildering complex
i always to do it to myself
i do it real good
all or nothing
there is no “in between”
i’m so extreme
you can’t even see it
i’m never passive
who has time for that shit

so what is this experiment anyway?
somebody told me it’s called life
well, what are we waiting for?
finality? fuck that!
shifting and perpetually navigating
these cursed roads
who could ask for a better adventure?
still, late at night i wonder
when will permanence rule the day?

III (a waking dream)

short days and long nights
rushed fantasies
routines are what kill the human soul
i engage in a
weekly regress
it’s an escape
to nowhere special
even still, i can almost feel you

ferment and forget
it’s these
crossed eyes, crossed souls
that always do me in
everything all at once
then, nothing
but wait
there’s a snapshot of uneasy relief
now, lost and waiting for that next moment
a moment that will forever change
who we are
can you feel it approaching?

ohh to feel alive in this pale fiction
slow, delicate
one sip, one breath,
to taste one perfect kiss
before death
who could ask for more?

i could tell you tall tales
to tantalize your senses
i could use words to wrap you
in virtual ecstasy
blank stare
it’s a way to tap the mind
and entwine
carnal pleasures

shedding skin to dispel
secrets i probably shouldn’t tell
would you respond?
could you forgive this primitive new dawn?

another page to turn
how easy it is to be forgotten
before you were ever known
old soul
it’s no use
i know you
i could fight
or i could run
but i can’t seem to pull the trigger
of love’s damaged gun

speak peace in calligraphy
show me a secret place
speak of foreign plots and plans
paint a masterpiece with my eyes
play the guitar and dance
live an ancient folk tale
naked, light one more fire
and reveal your demon

fuck these passive traditions
we inherit nothing
as we edit then burn unwritten laws
with perception folded into misconception
suffering through blind acceptance
a new beast of creativity is spawned

i want you
come here
destroy me



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