intermission and the mysteries of three

cooked and leaning
towards an open breeze
we swim with with wine
under a reluctant sun
fishing and
focused on a fixed point
as eyes flow
with the rhythm of
faint fanaticism

ambiguous dreams
flooded with played-out memes
it’s a snapshot of the afterlife
as we remember what could have been

why must we waste time
when we could sit here
and embrace time
into moments divine

no division
shallow provision
held in the simple grasp
of nails that are nine inches long

complicate and captivate
collaborate and eviscerate
as dead lyrics swim to the surface

down stream
down beat
rising and falling to a
parallel and wicked tempo
harder, faster

jungle puppets dance
squirrel movements
fat and effortless
waiting for
one last wager
as the water-clock carries me
towards another damaged destination




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