fast food and the art of living

meme extreme
online, offline, no line
mainly, a man of few words
lurking in the palace of paralysis

old and new
time and again
reaching out of the blue

for answers that never seem to come
like a scab that refuses to heal
as strands of vitality linger
like feral felines on a winter’s shore
for that one brilliant moment of immortality

and i can’t remember which way is up

sister angels weep
for dire devil bothers
half asleep
may day sticks
are left on the sidesteps
laced with unknown wisdom
and inscribed with
words that were once great
now however, stale
and just a little too late

empty minds
trying to fill
empty souls
black holes
for another day

and i can’t remember which way is up

wars and one sided walls
ramblings of an idiot king
and pedestrian peasants
scrambling under lyrics of hate
please, drown them out with love
secrets start to surface
held in the foreground
i hear the chanting of
on the streets of midnight

melancholy of misfits in heat
is it a feast of saints
or a buffet of sinners?

i want to leave behind
these noble fools

and i can’t remember which way is up

or religion
what’s the difference
between an artist
or an unemployed man

too long without an alarm clock
and nothing but static on the radio

and i can’t remember which way is up

spook spell
casting a salacious saint
spoken with
sacred sarcasm
and serendipity

sex, satisfaction, and sacrilege
mopped over a dirty floor of
passive passions
organized like the living dead
their songs, slow, simple,
and stretched across
an empty landscape of stuttered days

and i can’t remember which way is up

staring at white screens
with no information
no elation
just an overgrown sense of
a pause, to remind us
of who we used to be

epic poems
lost in lost in a mixture of
inspiration and bullshit

modern folklore
and a ritual
once more
as the cat pushes open
my office door

and i can’t remember which way is up




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