feline rapture

six pages
twelve days
and eternity as the eventual sum

waking in the warm winter rain
a wager
the gods have granted me
a reprieve
waiting at the wandering window
and i’m
writing words
that cling together
like subjective kisses

fast food thoughts
with ten dollars
and a bargain shot

we are
lost in lacerated living
with distant transmissions
one crescendo away from
the perfect beat
or one cadenza
from a silent retreat

different poems
different minds
different lives
clashing together at all the wrong times

formulated under a dominant kiss
as bullet number nine
is condensed
and transmogrified

snakebite, reignite
that midnight light
held tight
with soft paralysis
as pagan pageantry
is personified
in chromatic succession

the human condition
requires a steady stream of
metric sentences,
mindful medication,
and sinful meditation
with science and sorcery
serving as sabbatical signposts
sealed in forms of
sacrilegious selection

and now
one minute moment
captivated by
an intricate pattern of raindrops
radiant revelations

type type type
wait for it
and then
just like that
all this is rendered irrelevant
as i watch my handsome white and black cat
methodically pace
and ponder the linoleum floor
searching for attention
or a chance at mischief




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